Recovery of wooden packaging

Recovery of wooden packaging

We recover by giving new life to your used and broken wooden packaging

With an eye always turned to the future and to our children, we must safeguard our heritage and the environment that surrounds us, which is why for many years our company has been recovering used wood, giving new life to packaging without sending it to pulp or allocate them to the production of chipboard; thus optimizing their reuse, recycling as little as possible.

We have all the relevant environmental authorizations, authorization for the storage and recovery of packaging waste CER15 01 03, all transport vehicles are authorized to transport waste, both with 40 m3 roll-off containers and trucks flatbed and curtainsider.

We deal with the volumetric reduction of waste so as to optimize transport and safeguard the environment.

Obviously we too, no matter how good we are, have to recover a small part of the wood that can no longer be recovered and, always in a professional and responsible manner, we deliver the wood to sites where pallet blocks are created, so that even the most small fraction of waste returns to packaging.

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