A modern and recent highly automated sawmill plant.

B Group has a modern and recent highly automated sawmill system that allows to cut logs of any essence (including beech and oak) and lengths of up to 7.5 metres

All the wood is of Italian originand FSC and PEFC certified.

We do not cut imported wood due to policy and to have a 100% made in Italy supply chain.

The system allows us to produce any type of sawn wood, semi-finished product for all our customers' requests, the special sections are no longer available. a problem and flexibility in terms of manufacturing finished products it is insured.

The sawmill plant also produces wood chips and sawdust, often with low humidity relatively low.

Our by-products are suitable for the production of very high quality pellets. (as we saw more fir trees), power plants for the production of electricity, heating, litter for livestock farms.

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