Love for Wood for 3 generations!

The company's mission has always been wooden packaging in all its forms
Love for Wood for 3 generations!

B Group, a reality young, dynamic but with roots dating back almost a century, it is now in its third generation.

It was born from Love for wood already in 1940 by grandfather Agostino, called “Gosto”. And then always growing, because when you do things with love they come out well!

Today B Group is one of the main players at European level, the company's mission is There has always been wooden packaging in all its forms, from new to used pallets, to the recovery of wood, to the production of by-products, to the production of special industrial packaging, to the sawmill and the creation of all the products and services that revolve around the ; wooden packaging, last but not least, the logistics which has allowed us to always provide a just in time service to our customers and we have also decided to invest in the logistics sector with an increase in the fleet of vehicles on behalf of third parties and waste transport.

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